Criteria for the Fox Foundation Scholarship Award

The Jacob L. and Lewis Fox Scholarships are awarded on the basis of mental ability, capacity for leadership, outstanding character, possession of a spirit of reverence, and financial need. These qualities are described in the Trust Instrument of the Foundation as follows:

Mental Ability: Recipients shall be of a good mind. Their record and performance in high school should give indication that they will be able to maintain the rigorous scholastic requirements of college. Generally, they should rank in the highest quarter of their high school class.

Evidence of Leadership: Recipients must show evidence of leadership. The capacity for leadership is measured in two chief ways:

Participation in school and community activities. Among these are athletics, school clubs and community organizations, scouting, church and synagogue, camping, and like. Quality of work and the right attitude, rather than the amount of activity or the number of offices held, shall be of primary concern to the Trustees.

Ability to influence other students to high moral standards. This intangible quality is particularly important, since the ability to bring out the best in others is an indispensable quality of leadership. Wherever possible, the Trustees shall seek to ascertain whether the applicants show promise of future leadership.

Outstanding Character: Recipients must be of outstanding character. In the qualities of character, the Trustees shall stress the following elements:

A sense of trusteeship or responsibility, so that recipients realize they hold their ability and whatever opportunities are given them, not merely for their own enjoyment and pleasure, but for the use of their fellow beings. A chief characteristic of this quality is the existence of a determined purpose to make something of one's life and not to be a mere dilettante.

Unshakable loyalty to standards of high personal worth. The recipients of these awards must be clean-minded. They must be individuals who have integrity of mind and the moral courage to uphold, independently and conscientiously, what they believe to be right.

A spirit of unselfishness. This attribute of character is evidenced by the way an  individual cares for people and tries to help them, by possession of the marks of a loyal friend, by willingness to sacrifice time and popularity to help the underprivileged and by possession of a warm sympathy that knows no lines of class, wealth, or race.

A Spirit of Reverence:  Recipients must possess a spirit of reverence. It is necessary that candidates participate in the program of their chosen faith. The quality of reverence is not a matter of lip service or pretense. The recipients must be young men and women whose lives reflect the practice of a strong faith and commitment to high ideals.

Financial Need:  Recipients shall be in need of such financial aid so that without the award of this or similar scholarship it would be difficult, though not necessarily impossible, to further their education in a college or in a university. It is possible, however, for a student not in need of financial assistance to be designated as a Jacob L. and Lewis Fox Scholar

As an applicant for the Jacob L. & Lewis Fox Scholarship, you must be a resident of the city of Hartford, and have attended your junior and senior years at one of the following approved Hartford public high schools or magnet high schools, and will be graduating from one of the following approved Hartford public high schools or magnet high schools:

Bulkeley High School (Upper School, 11-12)
Capital Preparatory Magnet School
Capital Community College Magnet Academy
Classical Magnet School
Culinary Arts Academy
Global Communications Academy
Great Path Academy Middle College High School at Manchester Community College
Hartford Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School
Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
HPHS Academy of Engineering & Green Technology
HPHS Law & Government Academy
HPHS Nursing and Health Sciences
High School Inc: Hartford’s Insurance & Finance Academy
OPPortunity High School
Pathways Academy of Technology and Design
R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts
Sports and Medical Sciences Academy
University High School of Science and Engineering